Self tanners

The only self tanners I use 


I live for being tan. If there was “tan” Queen, it would be me. It makes me feel like I can conquer the world. So here are my top self tanners that you have to try. I only use these products on my skin.

  1. St. Tropez - Always get express. Personally, I always buy the darkest color they make. I suggest buying the mitt for a sleek finish on your skin. It works best if you sleep in it. Let it dry so you don’t feel sticky. Wash it off in the morning for a seriously gorgeous tan. Click here for the St. Tropez tanning mitt

  2. Loving tan - Again, I always buy the darkest and fast acting. Loving Tan is NEXT LEVEL tanning. It’s buildable and goes on easy. Sleep in this as well and you’ll look like you just vacationed in the Caribbean.

  3. Norvell Venetian face Mist - With all spray tans, your face is the first to revert. When I found this, I struck gold. Spray this on your face if you need to freshen up your tan. I buy the Venetian color which has a purple undertone so it actually looks like a real tan. This is buildable, sprays easy and looks phenomenal. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have super fare skin. I have dark skin and it literally drinks it.

I also want to recommend a product to remove your spray tan so your skin is prepped for the next time. Exfoliating is KEY to a beautiful spray tan or self tan. I found this product from my friend Shannon Ford. She’s also the queen of spray tanning so here it is for purchase. 

Purchase Blank Canvas Here

Happy tanning! 

Brows: Microblading

Microblading Tips


Microblading is one of the best beauty tips I can give anyone who needs help with their brows. Coming from someone who used to have horrible brows, I've done my research. Here's everything  I can tell you about Microblading.



1. Do your research and make sure you see pictures BEFORE you trust them with your face

2. Double check their price before you make an appointment. Some people will charge more if you don't ask before you book the appointment

3. MAKE SURE THEY USE NUMBING CREAM - if they don't offer it, get up and leave because it is necessary for you to be numb during this process

4. Don't overpay for poor service - Research, research, research!!!

5. Follow all of the directions for your after care. This is the most important part

6. Every professional has a different style of microblading. Make sure you love ALL of their brows that they display on their social media.

5. Find a professional who draws consistent, symmetrical, and clean brows

Down time?

Day 1: You will love them. Coloring will be dark but understand that will fade

Day 2: They will look extra dark

Day 5-10: Your brows may/may not peel a little bit

Day 10: Brows may look lighter. Depending if you peeled or not

Day 10-14: Brows will be perfection


Kess' Sleeping Beauty

Holly at Kess' Sleeping Beauty

Holly at Kess' Sleeping Beauty

I researched for months and months for the perfect microblading professional in the Charlotte area. HANDS DOWN, the best person I found was Holly from Kess' Sleeping Beauty. She is absolutely phenomenal. She has the BEST service I've ever received and draws the prettiest brow stroke.

The prices are even better. She charges $450 for microblading and most charge around $600. This last up to one year. She also does permanent makeup. I didn't try any of that but I can tell you that you will be thrilled with her brow service.

If you are around the Charlotte area, check out her work on instagram. She has people who travel all over to see her. Tell her Whitney sent you if you go!


Whit + Mariel

Instagram: @Kess_Sleeping_Beauty



Valentine's Day Essentials

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the besties! Here are some last minute outfit options and essentials for your date night.

It’s always fun to pair a pant suit with funky shoes. We paired a midnight blue suit with cheetah Loubotins.

Pants Suit: bebe

Earrings: bebe

Clutch: bebe

Heels: Christian Loubotin


You can never go wrong with a LBD and classic heels. Here’s how we paired ours.

Dress: Neiman Marcus

Clutch: Chanel

Heels: Christian Loubotin

Perfume: Chanel

Step out with some flair with this Pretty number!

Dress: H&M

Heels: Christian Loubotin  

Clutch: Yves St Laurent

Fragrance: Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle

Valentine's Day isn't just for love birds. Call your mom and dad, or anyone special in your life. Send them a sweet text to let them know how special they are. Send them flowers, write a sweet note, or something sweet to show the depth of your love.

As I always say, Love is in the details!
We love you guys.


Whit + Mariel 

Last Minute Gifts

The perfect gifts for your bestie

Stuck and can’t figure out what to get your best friend for Christmas? Don’t worry we're here to help. Here are great gifts under $100 to give to your bestie this holiday season.

Bomb Make-up:

Foundation is difficult to pair, but a bomb highlighter, lip gloss, or eye shadow pallet is always a hit.

1. Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecter: $38

2. NYX Cosmetics Wonderlust Soft Matte Lip Cream City Set: $14

3. 'IT Cosmetics' City Chic B rush Set: $68

Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit, 29$ Ulta

Urban Decay Cosmetics, Full Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette, 39$ Ulta

Super Cute Accessories:

1. LA Pink Satin Trucker Hat: $20

2. Braided Chain Choker: $6.90 Forever

3. Faux Leather Clutch: $15.90

Cool Jackets:

1. Vila Leather Look Biker Jacket: $61

2. Vila Embroidered Leather Look Biker Jacket: $98 

3. Pow! Bomber Jacket: $89

4. Zig Moto Jacket: $89

5. Tassel Tie Cape: $89

Beauty Products:

1. Gravity Mud Firming Face Mask by GlamGlow: $69

2. Proactiv 3- Step System: $50

3. First Aid Beuty Fab Faves to Go Kit: $30

4. Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Cleaning System: $99

Only a few days left until Christmas. Happy Shopping!


Whit +  Mariel 

Business Spotlight: Extension Specialist

Pretty in Memphis Hair

Our Business Spotlight goes to the ambitious Ashley Jennings. I get asked all the time where I get my hair and where I get it done. Ashley from Pretty In Memphis Hair is my go to for hair. I have been working with her since my cheer days. Her hair is reliable, colors perfectly, and holds curls for days. Not only does she sell hair all over the US, for all of my ladies in Memphis, and the surrounding area, she is one heck of a stylist as well.

When I reached out to Ashley about her brand I wanted a chance for people to get to know her. Not only is her hair amazing, but so is her soul.

What made you start selling hair?

I have to thank my clients for talking me into starting the online boutique. My client's loved my hair and would always ask questions about it, so I decided to open the online store for them.

I knew I wanted to accommodate them further but I was afraid to carry on hand because of all the dangerous things I had heard about people being robbed and even being killed. Once I launched the site, I only set a goal of selling about 7 bundles a week. That was a bundle a day, but the site did extremely well. My clients and other people who had followed my social media account showed tons of support and we ended up selling to 15 different states within our first month of business.

Where to buy Pretty in Memphis Hair?

Although she does not have a public location just yet, their online boutique ships out all over the US! With the holiday season, Christmas is right around the corner. She has tons of promotions and sales and even a giveaway planned. So be sure to follow all of the social media accounts listed below and be on the lookout! Her website is

What do you want your clients to know?

I want people to know that although my brand was started specifically to accommodate my client's needs, it has grown far more than expected and I'm so grateful of everyone who's ever supported my small business.

How to contact Ashley?

Contact Ashley personally through her customer service email.

Follow her on Facebook at or on Instagram @PrettyinMemphisHair


Whit + Mariel

Beauty Challenge: Step 1

Letting Go


We live by this. “God is in Control.” These are some of the most important words to live by because, Man Oh Man… when you give it to God, CRAZY things begin to happen. Mariel and I decided to do this two years ago. When we became roommates, we promised each other from here on out we're going to let go and let God. Whatever comes easy, we're going to go with it because we knew that would be God trying to take us to another phase in our life. 

You will go from barely having enough to having more than enough. He will take you out of a toxic relationship and put you into a Godly relationship. He will remove the wrong people and place the right ones in your life. The people who try to hold you back, the ones who ‘don’t see what everyone else sees,’ the people who purposefully try to hurt you, the ones who wait to see you fail, the ones who try to break you, the people who aren’t out for your best interest. God Will Remove Them! But only if you allow Him.

You will go from a negative toxic environment to a loving positive environment. I’m not saying you will live a perfect life without trials and tribulations. But, I am saying that God will SHOW OUT in ways you cannot even imagine and we are living proof!

One thing to always remember, God LOVES His children and let me tell you.. God doesn’t allow you to get away with hurting His children. This is something that Victoria Lane (Mariel’s mama) teaches us daily. She is a preacher and an incredible Woman of God. Side note, isn’t her name kinda awesome? Victoria Lane is almost like “Victory Lane.” LOL. I love it. 

Whatever you sow in life, will you reap in life. You sow deception, you’re going to reap deception. You sow seeds of greatness and it will come back twice as much and twice as great. What you put out into the universe and how you treat people will come back in tenfold. Granted, we are human and make mistakes. We are all not proud of some of the things we’ve done in the past and thats okay! Because our God is also a FORGIVING God. All He wants is for us to repent. Ask Him for forgiveness. Tell Him you’ve messed up, you’re sorry, and you love Him. It's that easy!

Thank You Jesus!!!

I LOVE bragging on the goodness of God because I had to fail Him miserably to get to this point. I still fail Him daily. But, I also seek Him daily. I give Him my all and God is changing my heart. He is changing who I was and molding me into who I’m meant to be! God is not only doing a work in my heart, but my entire circle.

See, in life, the people you surround yourself with are a direct reflection of you. This is why it is so important to listen to God and allow Him to direct your steps. If you give it to God, He can cause the right people to come into your life and thrust you into your God-given destiny. 

How many of us have forced the wrong person in our lives just so we could have it our way? Maybe it's convenient? Or maybe you don’t know what you want? Or you’re scared of what people might think or how they might react? You might even think it's too late. 

God’s way is so much better than our own. I look at my life three years ago. My way vs. God’s way. There is no comparison! God knows the desires of our hearts and He has our best interest. He’s not going to stir us wrong. He wants us to live a life of greatness filled with love. 

Have you ever ignored red flags? Ever kept people around when you KNOW they are pulling you down? Ever felt stuck? Do you live an exhausted life? If you haven’t given up complete control, chances are, you answered yes to one of these. 

My entire life I tried to control everything. I held onto a relationship I knew was bad for me. It’s not that the other person was bad, you two are just bad together. It wasn’t a Godly relationship - which is the ultimate goal. It’s funny because everyone always sees it but you are blinded. 

Mariel always says “it’s not what you allow God to do in your life, it’s HOW MUCH you will allow Him to work.” 

I challenge you to give up control. I pray that God will do a work in your life like never before. I’m believing that God will remove the wrong people and empower you to witness as He leads. I pray God will open doors of opportunity that will lead you to your God given destiny. Let it be God’s way! We give all the Glory to God! In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

Let us know how God is working in your lives by hashtaging #whitandmariel. 

Have a blessed and beautiful week.

Whit + Mariel 

The BFF Beauty Challenge

Beauty: Taking a Look Within 

Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! As women, those words ring high and clear to our ears. There’s so much information at our fingertips showing us the top tricks and gimmicks to making us “more beautiful.” Every company out there targeting women knows that if there is a promise to make us more beautiful, WE ARE ALL IN!!! Which is great!! We all love feeling and looking beautiful.

Yes, the beauty portion of our blog will help you with these areas, but for the majority, we would like to take this beauty thing A LOT deeper. Where there won’t be tricks and gimmicks, but ways to actually develop True and Authentic Beauty. You know, the beauty you can’t purchase, paint on, or zap away. You guessed it, Inner Beauty.

We promise that thats the true kind. With our microwave mentality it would be great if this were something that could happen overnight, but its not. It's a LEGIT journey. Whit and I became really serious about this journey two years ago and were still learning things with each moment. 

You may be wondering what's Beauty to Whit and me? Beauty is knowing who you are and your true purpose. A purpose much greater than yourself, or your life! The best summation I've ever been told, "It ain't about you honey." It is knowing that your one true purpose is not what you have given yourself, but what the Alpha and Omega has planned for you, and living each day with diligence and faith to fulfill that purpose. 

Wondering how to get started? Well, Whit and I love putting our best foot forward when it comes to looking good. So, for example, if it takes you an hour to get ready (which if it does, I commend you, you are a talented woman), half that and spend it on self reflecting, journaling, reading, praying, meditating on yourself, your life, your mind set, and heart. Know yourself! Understand yourself. Be willing to work on yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and give yourself goals on how to capitalize on your strengths and make your weaknesses a way to mold you and make you better. Fall in love with the information you learn about yourself and I promise others will too. 

There is something extremely captivating about a woman who knows and loves herself for what God has does in her. THAT is called Beauty. 

It's a commitment, and commitments are hard, but that is where a best friend comes in to help. :)  Someone to help keep you motivated, accountable, and reassured that you are going in the right direction. 

We hope that this blog inspires you to take this commitment with us. Keep on the lookout for the entire series. Step 1, coming soon!


Whit + Mariel


You may be wondering why we decided to devote an entire blog to the significance of friendship and what it has done in our lives. Life is one big journey, and some people are blessed with a person to experience this journey called life. So many days unwritten, unlived, and unexperienced, but isn't that the beauty of it all? Experiencing these untouched moments with your best friend make it that much better!

Whit and I consider our friendship a God Given Friendship. A friendship deeper than just shopping, traveling, and trading beauty tricks. We made a pact with each other that no matter what, we were going to grow spiritually with whatever God threw our way. In biblical terms, she's the Johnathon to my David. A soul-tie that would take us both to a higher level.

We both knew that the purpose God had for our lives would be something GREAT, and we needed to tap into a greater part of ourselves to get there. By no means do we have it all figured out, but what we do know, is that with each day we are learning, growing, and evolving into the people we're destined to be, and we want to take you guys with us.

A former mentor, Tiffany Love, would always say, "Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds, you can plant flowers or you can plant weeds." 

Surround yourself with people who are TRULY for YOU, and your well being. Helping you plant seeds of greatness and prosperity to help you become the best version of you!