Self tanners

The only self tanners I use 


I live for being tan. If there was “tan” Queen, it would be me. It makes me feel like I can conquer the world. So here are my top self tanners that you have to try. I only use these products on my skin.

  1. St. Tropez - Always get express. Personally, I always buy the darkest color they make. I suggest buying the mitt for a sleek finish on your skin. It works best if you sleep in it. Let it dry so you don’t feel sticky. Wash it off in the morning for a seriously gorgeous tan. Click here for the St. Tropez tanning mitt

  2. Loving tan - Again, I always buy the darkest and fast acting. Loving Tan is NEXT LEVEL tanning. It’s buildable and goes on easy. Sleep in this as well and you’ll look like you just vacationed in the Caribbean.

  3. Norvell Venetian face Mist - With all spray tans, your face is the first to revert. When I found this, I struck gold. Spray this on your face if you need to freshen up your tan. I buy the Venetian color which has a purple undertone so it actually looks like a real tan. This is buildable, sprays easy and looks phenomenal. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have super fare skin. I have dark skin and it literally drinks it.

I also want to recommend a product to remove your spray tan so your skin is prepped for the next time. Exfoliating is KEY to a beautiful spray tan or self tan. I found this product from my friend Shannon Ford. She’s also the queen of spray tanning so here it is for purchase. 

Purchase Blank Canvas Here

Happy tanning! 



Austin and I met through mutual friends. He was in North Carolina and I was living in Nashville. Austin is a NASCAR driver and he wanted me to come watch him race. So after a few weeks of texting, me and my best friend Mariel went to watch him. The race was at Kentucky Motor Speedway which wasn't far from Nashville so I figured I'd go see what this was all about. It was my first "date" I had been on in a long time so this was a pretty big deal.

I was so impressed with how detailed Austin was with me. He made sure to get me a rental car so I didn't have to drive my own car. He made sure that we had a place to stay for the weekend. Everything down to a tee was so thoughtful and planned out. Even on race day, all the way up until he was getting into the car, he was checking on me making sure I was okay. I finally said go race, I'll be fine. He made it all about me and was a complete gentleman. I loved those qualities!

After the race, we ended up going back to North Carolina to spend the rest of the weekend with his friends and family.

We had so much fun together. When I met his family, they were absolutely amazing. Everything just clicked and worked perfectly. I remember meeting his mom that weekend and telling her about the devotional book I recently finished called "Breakout" by Joel Osteen. Everything I was telling her was everything she had been praying about for Austin. We literally burst into tears because we knew. We knew this was a divine connection put together by God. We didn't say it at the time because it sounded so crazy, but when we talk about it now, we were feeling the exact same thing.

Everyone felt it. After Kentucky, the rest was history and everyone who truly knew and loved us, knew it.

God had a purpose for our lives before we ever had a plan for ourselves. Little did we know, God was preparing us for one another. Sometimes your plans have to fail, so God's purpose can prevail.

I just want to say that God is SO good and His timing is perfect. As I'm sitting here reminiscing on our love story, it's a very emotional and humbling moment for me. I want to give all the Glory to God for bringing us together in His perfect timing. Never forget, God's way is always better than our own. GiiC - which means God is in Control.


Austin races 36 weeks out of the year so during the off weekend he surprised me with a trip to the Bahamas. We stayed at the One and Only Ocean Club, which is known for their romantic and secluded property.

He told me he planned a dinner on the beach which is kind of our thing, so I wasn't surprised. One thing about Austin, everything he does is BIG. He's always gone above and beyond since the very beginning. 

I'm always saying, I wish we had a photographer to document all of our fun adventures, so he surprised me with a photo shoot before dinner. I was pumped!

We were walking towards the ocean admiring the beauty of the Bahamas and the photographer is directing us on what to do. He told me to turn around and look at Austin, and when I did he was on one knee. Austin is literally the most confident man I know - speaks in front of thousands of people like it's nothing - and he was shaking.

I was stunned. I knew it was coming but it still blew me away. Its funny because I didn't respond the way I thought I was going to. I didn't cry or have an over burst of energy. In that moment, I was calm. I was happy. I was speechless. 

When we sat down for dinner, he told me what my dad said when he asked him for my hand in marriage. I lost it. Austin did what most men don't do, he asked my mom for her blessing. I can't even say enough about my parents. They are pure gold. My mom was crying and my dad talked about how they always prayed, even before I was born, for a Godly man to come into my life one day. My dad went on to say that he would be honored.

August 9, 2016 marked the day of an incredible journey. I cannot wait for the future. GiiC.