Glamping 101


Camping can be extremely difficult and intimidating if it is your first time. With that in mind, we decided to go to Bass Pro Shop, and pick up some essentials to help you with your next camping trip!


First, you are going to need shelter. Now a days, there is something called “Glamping,” where shelter is already provided. Glamping is where luxury meets nature, but if you are going old fashion camping you will need to purchase a tent. What is inside of the tent is just as important, so don’t forget your sleeping bag/air mattress, blanket, and pillow. Depending on what time of the year, pack extra blankets just in case.


Second, you will need equipment to capture your dinner for the night, such as fishing poles. Fishing always makes for a fun activity when camping.

We would also suggest packing snacks and food to bring along with you if you do not capture any dinner that day. If you have a trailer/motorhome with you, it would also be nice to bring a grill. If not ,no worries, a good ole campfire will do the trick.

We would also suggest packing sunscreen and bug spray. For your convenience, below we added a checklist of everything you may need for your fun night out with nature.


1. Tent/ poles/stake

2. Air Mattress/ Sleeping Bag

3. Bedding/ Blankets

4. Grill/ Cook Stove/Untensils

5. Fishing Pole and accessories

6. Flashlights

7. Clothing for the time you will be there ( check weather)

8. Tools ( an Ax and Knife)

9. Matches/ Flint

10. Rope

11. Bug Spray/ Sunscren/Hats

12. First Aid Kit

13. Map of Area



Whit + Mariel

Happy Birthday AD

AD’s Fiesta


I love celebrating birthdays but especially Austin’s. We make sure to go ALL OUT when his birthday comes around. I’m so proud of my hubby and all that he’s accomplished but I’m even more proud of what he does off the track. He’s the first to help and share all that he’s been blessed with. He works so hard in so many different avenues and does it with ease. I don’t know how he does it all but he is just like his dad and grandfather - working machines.


Every year, AD grows tremendously as a racer, a business owner, a friend, and a husband, and I can’t wait to see what all God has in store for him and for us. I’m thankful for you boo and all that you do for me. I love you beyond words and can’t wait for the future! Blessings to come!

DJ: DJ Hek Yea

Theme: Fiesta

Food: Salsarita’s

Floats: Amazon

Decorations: Party City

Cake: Dewey’s

Photographer: Daryl Shawm Photography / Insta: @DarylShawPhoto

Thank you Daryl Shaw for the photography

Thank you Daryl Shaw for the photography



The Swan Wedding : Fashion

Fashion played a huge role in my big day, so here is a breakdown of the details.

Something  I really wanted was a beautiful bridal robe to get ready in. Le Laurier founded by Designer Lauren Holovka offers timeless and fashion forward pieces, inspired by everyday brides. Lauren created me a one of kind robe and named it The Mariel Robe.  She made the robe with me in mind and made it  from the finest materials imported from Paris, with delicate Chantilly lace. Each of Le Laurier’s couture designs are handmade, with a high level of complexity, from finding the right materials to creating a unique but glamorous concept. The robe continued with a beautiful bell sleeve with beaded lace trim to a ostrich feather beaded belt with Swarovski crystals.She also added a dramatic cathedral train with 4 different types of beaded laces appliquéd throughout the train, as well as adding ostrich feathers to create the perfect details for my ideal robe. 

IMG_0903 7.JPG
IMG_0896 3.JPG

I was also obsessed with look of tiaras, so I had to find the perfect one. I wanted to feel like a princess! I ordered my crown from Giva My Jewerly and Kendra Currie did my hair and installed the crown.

IMG_3135 2.JPG

My Wedding Gown

My gown is from RK Bridal in New York. Whit Whit, My mom, and Maribeth all went with me to find this gown. I knew immediately when I saw it that it was the one. My gown was designed by Morilee by Madeline Gardner. I loved everything about this gown. From the sleeves to the cathedral train with ostrich feathers.

i wanted my bouquet to be massive!

i wanted my bouquet to be massive!


Flower Girls

I wanted my little girls to look like little swan princess. I found their dresses from Kingdom Boutique. I loved my little flower girls! They were just as sweet as they were adorable,

IMG_0950 2.JPG
IMG_0952 2.JPG


I wanted my bridesmaids to look like forest fairies! I found their dresses from Abyss By Abby. I absolutely loved everything about these dresses. The color reminded me of royalty and forest fairies all at the same time, wanted them all to have emerald smokey eyes and neutral lips. Bre Early and McCall Gaulding did an amazing job on their makeup. I also wanted long romantic, loose curls on everyone and Kendra did and amazing job on their hair.

All of my bridesmaids word black silk robes with their names stitched on the front. Whit Whits robe had Maid of Honor written on the back.

All of my bridesmaids word black silk robes with their names stitched on the front. Whit Whits robe had Maid of Honor written on the back.

The Groom

Paul wore a black velvet tux custom made by Stitched.. I love the look of velvet in the winter time. It is the darkest black you can find in clothing, and the color always looks so rich. Pauls jacket was lined with tickets on the inside, because he’s a big ticket guy. It’s kind of his thing. He loves tickets.



All the groomsmen look extremely handsome in their classic black tuxedos with black bowties.




Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica

Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica

Our first annual family vacation was one for the books. Costa Rica is one of our new favorite spots to travel. It’s a quick and easy flight from North Carolina and its beyond beautiful. Flight Time: 3.5 hours.

IMG_8206 copy.jpg

We booked our vacation through Todd with Avenue Apart. You can check out his Instagram @speedofflight. We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort and it was unreal. The staff were some of the sweetest and accommodating people.

IMG_8405 copy.jpg

The mix of ocean with forest is a sight to see.

IMG_8227 copy.jpg


Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Costa Rica is known for zip lining. They have some of the best in the world and I would say this is a must if you visit here. We rented a boat for a day and they took us to zip line. You can also go by car. We ate lunch there and snorkeled the rest of the time. Renting the boat was so nice to relax and see everything around the island. Zip lining is no joke so beware if you’re scared of heights. However, they have a cool hangout spot to watch and take pictures.

The Superman

The Superman

Diamante Photos Whit Dill-118.jpg
Diamante Photos Whit Dill-74.jpg


Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

90 pound Rooster Fish

90 pound Rooster Fish

You can’t come to Costa Rica and not do a little fishing. This was one of my favorite experiences of the week. We caught a 90 pound Rooster Fish and Mahi Mahi. They filleted the Mahi Mahi for us and we ate it for dinner. I recommend doing this activity early in the morning and with a big group of people. 

Whitney Dillon, Shawnee Ward, Rick Ward, Austin Dillon, Tina Dillon, and Mike Dillon

Whitney Dillon, Shawnee Ward, Rick Ward, Austin Dillon, Tina Dillon, and Mike Dillon

IMG_8354 2 copy.jpg

The resort offers complimentary paddle boarding, surfing, volleyball, and other activities. We had a lot of fun with these as well. This was also a kid friendly resort. They had a game room and a kid pool only. They also had fun activities on the beach at night like s’mores. 

AfterlightImage 3.JPG


2019-01-12 10.JPG

The day we went zip lining, we also went snorkeling. We rented a small boat for a private tour. This was really cool to experience and Austin’s favorite of the week. There are all kinds of spots around the island and will take you to as many as you want.

2019-01-11 17:57:16.313.JPG
IMG_8405 copy.jpg
2019-01-11 16.JPG
IMG_8403 copy.jpg


IMG_8225 copy.jpg

Our resort had a hiking trail that wrapped around the island. They have tons of trails and this is where you see the best views. You also see monkeys along the trails which was wild to see.

IMG_8209 copy.jpg
2019-01-08 15:18:42.274.JPG
2019-01-08 17.JPG
IMG_8166 copy.jpg

Overall, this was the BEST trip we’ve ever been on. Costa Rica is amazing and we were blessed to share these experiences with our family. Now, on to Daytona!



AD's 28th Birthday Party

Tips and Tricks on Party Planning


Before I was married to Austin, I was an Executive Assistant and a big part of my job was entertaining and party planning. I've always loved throwing parties and especially Austin's birthday. He does so much for everyone else so it's nice to do something for him. 


A few years ago, the CEO of DOW Chemical gave us some advice that I'll never forget. He told us to never let a birthday go unnoticed. He said always do it big for both of our birthdays. He gave us several other life tips but this really stuck with me. I think of adults and how they do so much for everyone else especially with kids so we made a promise to each other that we'll always celebrate no matter what.


Party Planning Check List:

1. Venue: Book where you're going to have the party

2. Theme: Pick a theme. Pinterest is a great place for ideas

3. Food: Figure out food that goes with the theme

4. Cake: Find a good bakery and put your order in early

5. Party Decorations: I like a 'one stop shop' so Party City is always my go to

6. Invites: Make sure you get the word out two week prior - I always have AD's friends pass it around the race shop 



1. Balloons make any event look over the top. Party City has so many choices just make sure you get double of everything. Two is better than one

2. It's better to get too many decorations than too little. More is better in party planning

3. A two-tier cake makes for a great center piece

4. Go easy on the food - stick with something you can order in

5. Don't forget the candles!

6. Don't forget the cake in the fridge

7. Have someone take photos for you. It makes things easier on you

8. The same thing goes for videos. Always get it on video!


Austin's party was Luau themed. We did it at our pool and I rented a blow up slide. I did this two years ago and the slide was a huge hit. The slide is as tall as the barn. LOL. I kept it simple with food and just had pizza, chips, and cookies. I usually forget something every year and this year I forgot the cake. UGH! It was such a cute cake too. We were having such a good time I just completely forgot it in the fridge. 

We always like to dress the part so I bought Hawaiian leis for everyone to wear. Austin had a special leis since he was the birthday boy. And of course me and Mariel took it to a whole another level.


The best thing about birthdays is that it brings everyone together. We all have busy schedules and our own lives but when you celebrate someone who has lived another year on this earth, it's just special. Thank you to all our friends and family who came to celebrate AD! We love Y'all.



Whit + Mariel 

Brows: Microblading

Microblading Tips


Microblading is one of the best beauty tips I can give anyone who needs help with their brows. Coming from someone who used to have horrible brows, I've done my research. Here's everything  I can tell you about Microblading.



1. Do your research and make sure you see pictures BEFORE you trust them with your face

2. Double check their price before you make an appointment. Some people will charge more if you don't ask before you book the appointment

3. MAKE SURE THEY USE NUMBING CREAM - if they don't offer it, get up and leave because it is necessary for you to be numb during this process

4. Don't overpay for poor service - Research, research, research!!!

5. Follow all of the directions for your after care. This is the most important part

6. Every professional has a different style of microblading. Make sure you love ALL of their brows that they display on their social media.

5. Find a professional who draws consistent, symmetrical, and clean brows

Down time?

Day 1: You will love them. Coloring will be dark but understand that will fade

Day 2: They will look extra dark

Day 5-10: Your brows may/may not peel a little bit

Day 10: Brows may look lighter. Depending if you peeled or not

Day 10-14: Brows will be perfection


Kess' Sleeping Beauty

Holly at Kess' Sleeping Beauty

Holly at Kess' Sleeping Beauty

I researched for months and months for the perfect microblading professional in the Charlotte area. HANDS DOWN, the best person I found was Holly from Kess' Sleeping Beauty. She is absolutely phenomenal. She has the BEST service I've ever received and draws the prettiest brow stroke.

The prices are even better. She charges $450 for microblading and most charge around $600. This last up to one year. She also does permanent makeup. I didn't try any of that but I can tell you that you will be thrilled with her brow service.

If you are around the Charlotte area, check out her work on instagram. She has people who travel all over to see her. Tell her Whitney sent you if you go!


Whit + Mariel

Instagram: @Kess_Sleeping_Beauty



Sleeping Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

1. Essential Oils - Major key! Lavender will put you to sleep within 30 minutes. The oils relax the body and soothes the soul.

2. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid naps and caffeine, especially in the afternoon - Power napping may help you get through the day, but if you find that you can't fall asleep at bedtime, eliminating even short catnaps may help.

3. Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends - This helps to regulate your body's clock and could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night. 

4. Evaluate your room - Design your sleep environment to establish the conditions you need for sleep. Your bedroom should be cool –  between 60 and 67 degrees. Your bedroom should also be free from any noise that can disturb your sleep. Finally, your bedroom should be free from any light. Check your room for noises or other distractions. This includes a bed partner's sleep disruptions such as snoring. Consider using blackout curtains, eye shades, ear plugs, "white noise" machines, humidifiers, fans and other devices.

5. Exercise daily - Vigorous exercise is best, but even light exercise is better than no activity. Exercise at any time of day, but not at the expense of your sleep.

6. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and  pillows - Make sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive. The one you have been using for years may have exceeded its life expectancy – about 9 or 10 years for most good quality mattresses. Have comfortable pillows and make the room attractive and inviting for sleep but also free of  allergens that might affect you and objects that might cause you to slip or fall if you have to get up.


Whit + Mariel 


Daytona 500 Champions

Daytona 500 was Faith in the Flesh


It was Jesus! I know this sounds crazy but the Lord spoke to us before the race and told us AD was going to win. The Lord works in perfect timing. It may be hard to understand His plan before but you must trust that He is in complete control going before us turning our no's into yes's, opening our shut doors, and paving ways out of no ways.


Austin winning the Daytona 500 was so much bigger than him, than us, than Nascar, it was about God.


The 3 team are the Daytona 500 CHAMPIONS. We made history. We saw history being made right before our very own eyes. 

Austin Dillon with Dale Earnhardt / Daytona 500 / 1998 

Austin Dillon with Dale Earnhardt / Daytona 500 / 1998 

So let this sink in. 20 years ago, my husband, Austin Dillon, was in victory lane with Dale Earnhardt. This year was the 60th anniversary of the Daytona 500. It was an extremely special year to win and especially with the 3 car. The history behind Austin, Richard Childress, Dale and the 3 car is so special. This win was like a story book ending.

Austin Dillon in Victory Lane / Daytona 500 / 2018

Austin Dillon in Victory Lane / Daytona 500 / 2018


Bubba Wallace finished P2, right behind AD. He’s the first African-American to finish that high in the Daytona 500. On top of that, Derrell Edwards, was the first African-American over-the-wall pit crew member to win the Daytona 500 last weekend. History was made in so many different ways. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

3 team crew / 3team1dream

3 team crew / 3team1dream

We all knew this year was going to be special. 2018 is the year of greatness. 2018 is the year of increase. 2018 is the year of the woman!

Our family / Whitney, Austin, and Gucci Girl Dillon 

Our family / Whitney, Austin, and Gucci Girl Dillon 

Austin and I recently were married on December 9th, 2017. I’ve been praying for the number 3 team since I started dating Austin a little over 2 years ago. I knew amazing, unreal, incredible things were coming our way the moment we said I do. There is so much power and value in knowing that God brought us together for a bigger purpose and for a bigger reason. We’re here for more than just winning races. We were joint together by God to change the world with love. I also believe that the entire 3 team was brought together for a bigger purpose.  

Austin Dillon / Crew Chief, Justin Alexander

Austin Dillon / Crew Chief, Justin Alexander


Listen, this is the year of saints! Mariel’s mama told us this was the year of Greatness and if we walked by Faith and not by sight, the unbelievable would happen. Many people don’t know that before Austin and I got married my biggest request was for him to be baptized. 

Pastor Ray (our Pastor who married us) baptized Austin, his dad Mike, and mom Mrs. Tina all before the wedding. It was such an emotional and powerful night at the barn. You can't tell me God does not reward His servants.

What’s even crazier about this win is that we were able to experience this as a family! Both Mariel and I’s biggest dream was for Paul to be on the number 3 team, and Paul made the number three team this year! We were able to all experience this victory together. Unbelievable.

Rick Ward, Shawnee Ward, Austin Dillon, Whitney Dillon / 2018 / Pre Race Daytona 500

Rick Ward, Shawnee Ward, Austin Dillon, Whitney Dillon / 2018 / Pre Race Daytona 500

The day of the race

Before driver intros, we had a group of people praying over Austin in our bus. After the prayer, it was just AD and I in the bus and I told him that he was going to win on the last lap. I told him that it wasn't going to be pretty but remember Faith over Fear. My last words were walk by Faith, not by sight.

image1 copy.jpeg

Our first thought when he won?

JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! God demonstrated Faith to so many people that night. It was all about what FAITH can do. “Walk by Faith not by sight” is written on my vision board along with winning the Daytona 500. Both of these happened that night and so many witnessed it.

Austin and Jackie (AD's PR)

Austin and Jackie (AD's PR)

Champions Media Week

The next day, we had a Champions breakfast where they presented the Daytona 500 Champions jackets. It was so cool to have the entire 3 team there for media. I love watching this team interact with each other. It's a brotherhood and these guys are all like family.


Every team member signed the winning car (including me) which will stay in the museum for one full year.

Austin and I flew to NYC all week for more media. We are officially exhausted but the really good kind of exhausted. Here is a picture of AD on Live with Kelly and Ryan! So cool.


What a week! I will never forget this moment or this feeling. I want to end with this... Walk by Faith, not by Sight! Be good to people and always do the right thing.


Whit + Mariel

Just sit back and ride

Just sit back and ride


Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Just sit back and ride... This is what my daddy would tell me growing up whenever I would ask, “Are we there yet?” “Where are we going?” “Will so and so be there?" It would never fail, my dad would say, “baby girl, just sit back and ride.” That’s one of the best lessons my daddy taught me, and didn’t even realize it. 

God is constantly trying to tell us the same thing. When we give our lives to God, that means trusting him to be the drivers in our lives. We must know and trust that he won’t take us anywhere that wasn’t in our overall best interest. God promises us in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Whit and I moved to North Carolina December 3rd, 2015. That is going on 3 years ago, we knew God was leading us there. Of course once we finally arrived we had our doubts and wanted to know all the details right then and there on why God lead us to North Carolina. We had the support of our families but we also had a lot of 'nah sayers' that thought it was the worst idea ever. But it was Gods Plan, not ours or anyone else’s.

Who would have thought three years ago our lives would unfold the way it did. Whit is married to the man of her dreams and I’m engaged to man of mine. We are next door neighbors and are all apart of Nascar. My fiancé is on Austin's team this year and I couldn’t have created a better scenario for our lives. We serve and intentional God y’all! 

Everything he does aligns with his promise. 

When God is driving, allow him. And always remember.. just sit back and ride.


Whit + Mariel 

Miss North Carolina United States

Official Judges 

Thank you Johnathan Kayne for styling us this weekend. We are two of the official judges for the Miss North Carolina and Miss South Carolina United States pageant. Good luck to all the beautiful ladies competing for the title! We can't wait to meet you bright and early in the morning. Check out our instagram story for behind the scenes. XO!


Whit + Mariel 

Paul and Mariel's Engagement

Meet the Future Swan's


What an EPIC night in Las Vegas! This was by far one of the best proposals I've ever witnessed in my entire life. Paul surprised Mariel in Vegas after the NASCAR awards banquet. He also surprised her with their parents! 


There were so many people who made this possible but I want to give a huge thanks Cari Cellini. She took Paul's idea and made it into a reality. 


There was soon much love in the room it literally gave you chills. Thank you Jesus for bringing two incredible people together. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS WEDDING!!!!



CONGRATS to the happy couple, The future Mr. and Mrs. Paul Swan!


Whit + Mariel

Bridal Shower

Whit's All White Bridal Shower

image1 copy.JPG

I can't believe I'm about to be MRS. WHITNEY DILLON! Ahhhhhh, you guys I'm so excited. Less than 4 months away!


My beautiful bridal shower was just how I like it, over the top and intimate. It was hosted at Childress Vineyards because it's the prettiest Winery you'll ever visit. I have three people I can't thank enough for putting all of this together - My Maid of Honor, Mariel Lane, wedding planner, Ashley Hartman, and Future Mother in Law, Mrs. Tina! These three put together the most BEAUTIFUL bridal shower I've ever seen and I am so grateful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life. 

image2 copy.JPG

Love is in the details and these girls made me feel oh so loved. Every single detail was so thought out and screamed "whitney." Thank you for making me feel extra special on my fun day. 

I'm also so thankful for my family who drove up from Tennessee, as well as my North Carolina friends and family. Thank you for showing me so much love and support. I truly appreciate each and every one of you more than you know. 


We had everyone wear white to get into the wedding spirit and that was one of my favorite parts. I loved the romantic feel to the party with a little rustic and a lot of glam. As you entered, you were served a glass of champagne and seated in the main room. Mariel had Beyonce playing as we ate dinner. 

image2 copy 2.JPG

There were fresh flowers everywhere. We had a flower crown bar where you could make your own crown to take home. I think the biggest hit of the night was the desert table. The table was full of candy, mini cupcakes, mini donuts, large pink donuts, and cake. It was all so delicious and beautiful. 

image1 copy 2.JPG
image2 copy.JPG
image1 copy.JPG
image3 copy.JPG
image3 copy 2.JPG

How perfect was the pink chair with the chandelier? The chalkboard backdrop with "future Mrs. Dillon" was beyond perfect. They had another photo backdrop when you walked in that said "Kiss the Miss goodbye." I keep staring at all of the photos and I can't believe how perfect everything turned out.

image1 copy 3.JPG
image1 copy 4.JPG
image2 copy 3.JPG

I can't thank everyone enough for coming to celebrate. I CAN'T WAIT to celebrate my big day!!!!!! This shower was the kick off for everything to come. WOO!


Whit + Mariel 

Summer Style under $100

Romper: Robin's Runway

Earrings: Forever21

Heels: Steve Madden

With the weather heating we were looking for fresh, cool, trendy outfits to look and feel our best this summer!

Robin’s Runway had everything we were looking for to keep our style sizzling during this season. From sexy/comfy 2 piece sets to super cute rompers, Robin’s Runway had it all!

Two Piece Set: Robin's Runway

Heels: Windsor


Whit+ Mariel 

AD's 80s Skate Party

Celebrating AD's 27th Birthday

April 25th we celebrated Whitney's fiancee's 27th birthday! We rolled in style with an 80's theme. It was the perfect birthday party for Austin because it allowed the guys to tap into their competitive side and gave the girls a chance to have fun and skate and dress up. We played everything from Red Light, Green Light to Speed Skate.

We love having fun and never getting too old to celebrate birthdays! Each year is a blessing and should be made into an event! Cheers to you AD! 

Happy 27th birthday!


Whit + Mariel 


She said YES to the dress

Mother of the Bride, Shawnee - Whit - Mariel - Auntie of the Bride, Shirley

Mother of the Bride, Shawnee - Whit - Mariel - Auntie of the Bride, Shirley

With the biggest day of my life quickly approaching, our trip to New York was nothing short of surreal. I couldn't have chose a better place, with better people by my side to find my special dress. Before visiting New York to find my gown I must say it was a bit intimidating, so I wanted to share a few tips for shopping for your big day. We visited NYC in search of the perfect wedding gown, and that is EXACTLY what we found!


1. Early bird gets the worm! We scheduled the first appointment of the day and had the luxury of choosing all the gowns first. We also scored the biggest room!

2. Know what you like: You know what looks good on your body more than anyone. Don't forget while choosing your dream gown, it displays your personality.

3. Seasons/Themes: Your dress needs to match the vibe of your wedding. For example, you wouldn't want to pick a couture gown for a  'summer bohemian' wedding.

4. Do your research: Before going to any bridal boutiques, do your research and make sure you like their style dresses. I knew Kleinfeld Bridal had a ton of dresses that I would love. 

5. ENJOY it: This was one of the best trips I've ever been on. I had my best friend, my mom, and Aunt Shirley. Being bridezilla is so last year. Be positive! Don't lose sight of what's really important - You and your husband becoming one with God as your leader.

6. Don't Tell: Once you've found your dream gown, delete the evidence off your phone. Don't give any details so everyone can be surprised. The dress is a statement and you can't make one if everyone knows. The style, material, brand, and price is 100% confidential. 


Kleinfeld Bridal NYC 

Kleinfeld Bridal NYC 

Things to do in NYC?

Central Park Pedicab Tours are a must-do. We laughed so hard and had the best view of the city. Instead of taking a taxi to Central Park, we rode in the Pedicab to the park and did the 1 hour tour. Put this on your bucket list! 

Central Park Pedicab Tours 

Central Park Pedicab Tours 

Besties by the Friends Fountain 

Besties by the Friends Fountain 


Whit + Mariel 

West Coast Adventures

First stop, VEGAS!

Vegas kicked off the West Coast swing! I loved my red cha cha crop top and shorts from Top Shop. The red fringe shoes were clearanced out for $30. Shoes are from Top Shop as well.

The white jean jumpsuit is from Bebe

Suits by Stitched / @getstitched / Located in the Cosmopolitan in Vegas 

Suits by Stitched / @getstitched / Located in the Cosmopolitan in Vegas 

I have to take a moment to brag on my future hubby. He's always showing up and showing out, and I love it. AD rocked his custom suit by Stitched to the drivers meeting.

I'm the proudest future wifey in the world. He's the most incredible person inside and out.

Vroom Vroom

If you've never rode razors in the desert, you've gotta do it next time you go out West. We had the best time riding with everyone. We rode for about an hour and a half and stopped midway for snacks and drinks.

We also went to see the Michael Jackson show at Mandalay Bay. We loved it and highly recommend going to see it. 


Whit + Mariel 

Belly Burning Foods

Belly Burning Foods + Tips

Photography: Bo Timmons / @bosphotonc /

Photography: Bo Timmons / @bosphotonc /

First things first, your diet is more vital than you think. If you want to get fit, you have to eat right. Foods high in nutrients fuel your bodies and leave you feeling fuller longer. The vitamins from these foods help you become stronger, healthier, and more energized throughout the day. 

Quick tip: Eating foods rich in fiber will reduce belly fat. Choose red fruit over green, for example, red apples instead of green. 

Here's a list of our top belly burning foods:

Lean Protein: chicken and fish
Sweet Potatoes
Green Veggies
Green Tea
Apple Cider Vinegar

Whit + Mariel 

Big Booty Kale Smoothie

Health Benefits

This is our favorite go-to kale smoothie. It's energy boosting, fresh, and delicious. 

We all know that greens are healthy and our body needs them but we don't fully understand the health benefits.

Greens contain powerful antioxidants that have cancer-protective properties. It also works as a natural detox for the body.

Kale is so good for the skin, eyes, and bones. It lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer!!!! Thats right people, cancer!!!!! Plus, there are so many vitamins in kale it's kinda crazy. It's rich in Vitamin A, C, and K, calcium, potassium, folic acid, and antioxidants. Wow! 

Fueling Our Bodies The Right Way

My dad always says, our bodies are like cars. A car can't go without fuel. Well, the same goes for our bodies. If you deprive yourself from food, you won't have enough energy to make it through a workout. It seems silly but I can't tell you how many people I know that count calories. 

I'm not saying we need to eat ice cream and pizza to fuel ourselves. But, our bodies were designed to be fueled with the right things. Here is a great option that will be filling for hours.


Whit + Mariel