Brows: Microblading

Microblading Tips


Microblading is one of the best beauty tips I can give anyone who needs help with their brows. Coming from someone who used to have horrible brows, I've done my research. Here's everything  I can tell you about Microblading.



1. Do your research and make sure you see pictures BEFORE you trust them with your face

2. Double check their price before you make an appointment. Some people will charge more if you don't ask before you book the appointment

3. MAKE SURE THEY USE NUMBING CREAM - if they don't offer it, get up and leave because it is necessary for you to be numb during this process

4. Don't overpay for poor service - Research, research, research!!!

5. Follow all of the directions for your after care. This is the most important part

6. Every professional has a different style of microblading. Make sure you love ALL of their brows that they display on their social media.

5. Find a professional who draws consistent, symmetrical, and clean brows

Down time?

Day 1: You will love them. Coloring will be dark but understand that will fade

Day 2: They will look extra dark

Day 5-10: Your brows may/may not peel a little bit

Day 10: Brows may look lighter. Depending if you peeled or not

Day 10-14: Brows will be perfection


Kess' Sleeping Beauty

Holly at Kess' Sleeping Beauty

Holly at Kess' Sleeping Beauty

I researched for months and months for the perfect microblading professional in the Charlotte area. HANDS DOWN, the best person I found was Holly from Kess' Sleeping Beauty. She is absolutely phenomenal. She has the BEST service I've ever received and draws the prettiest brow stroke.

The prices are even better. She charges $450 for microblading and most charge around $600. This last up to one year. She also does permanent makeup. I didn't try any of that but I can tell you that you will be thrilled with her brow service.

If you are around the Charlotte area, check out her work on instagram. She has people who travel all over to see her. Tell her Whitney sent you if you go!


Whit + Mariel

Instagram: @Kess_Sleeping_Beauty