Business Spotlight: Extension Specialist

Pretty in Memphis Hair

Our Business Spotlight goes to the ambitious Ashley Jennings. I get asked all the time where I get my hair and where I get it done. Ashley from Pretty In Memphis Hair is my go to for hair. I have been working with her since my cheer days. Her hair is reliable, colors perfectly, and holds curls for days. Not only does she sell hair all over the US, for all of my ladies in Memphis, and the surrounding area, she is one heck of a stylist as well.

When I reached out to Ashley about her brand I wanted a chance for people to get to know her. Not only is her hair amazing, but so is her soul.

What made you start selling hair?

I have to thank my clients for talking me into starting the online boutique. My client's loved my hair and would always ask questions about it, so I decided to open the online store for them.

I knew I wanted to accommodate them further but I was afraid to carry on hand because of all the dangerous things I had heard about people being robbed and even being killed. Once I launched the site, I only set a goal of selling about 7 bundles a week. That was a bundle a day, but the site did extremely well. My clients and other people who had followed my social media account showed tons of support and we ended up selling to 15 different states within our first month of business.

Where to buy Pretty in Memphis Hair?

Although she does not have a public location just yet, their online boutique ships out all over the US! With the holiday season, Christmas is right around the corner. She has tons of promotions and sales and even a giveaway planned. So be sure to follow all of the social media accounts listed below and be on the lookout! Her website is

What do you want your clients to know?

I want people to know that although my brand was started specifically to accommodate my client's needs, it has grown far more than expected and I'm so grateful of everyone who's ever supported my small business.

How to contact Ashley?

Contact Ashley personally through her customer service email.

Follow her on Facebook at or on Instagram @PrettyinMemphisHair


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