The BFF Beauty Challenge

Beauty: Taking a Look Within 

Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! As women, those words ring high and clear to our ears. There’s so much information at our fingertips showing us the top tricks and gimmicks to making us “more beautiful.” Every company out there targeting women knows that if there is a promise to make us more beautiful, WE ARE ALL IN!!! Which is great!! We all love feeling and looking beautiful.

Yes, the beauty portion of our blog will help you with these areas, but for the majority, we would like to take this beauty thing A LOT deeper. Where there won’t be tricks and gimmicks, but ways to actually develop True and Authentic Beauty. You know, the beauty you can’t purchase, paint on, or zap away. You guessed it, Inner Beauty.

We promise that thats the true kind. With our microwave mentality it would be great if this were something that could happen overnight, but its not. It's a LEGIT journey. Whit and I became really serious about this journey two years ago and were still learning things with each moment. 

You may be wondering what's Beauty to Whit and me? Beauty is knowing who you are and your true purpose. A purpose much greater than yourself, or your life! The best summation I've ever been told, "It ain't about you honey." It is knowing that your one true purpose is not what you have given yourself, but what the Alpha and Omega has planned for you, and living each day with diligence and faith to fulfill that purpose. 

Wondering how to get started? Well, Whit and I love putting our best foot forward when it comes to looking good. So, for example, if it takes you an hour to get ready (which if it does, I commend you, you are a talented woman), half that and spend it on self reflecting, journaling, reading, praying, meditating on yourself, your life, your mind set, and heart. Know yourself! Understand yourself. Be willing to work on yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and give yourself goals on how to capitalize on your strengths and make your weaknesses a way to mold you and make you better. Fall in love with the information you learn about yourself and I promise others will too. 

There is something extremely captivating about a woman who knows and loves herself for what God has does in her. THAT is called Beauty. 

It's a commitment, and commitments are hard, but that is where a best friend comes in to help. :)  Someone to help keep you motivated, accountable, and reassured that you are going in the right direction. 

We hope that this blog inspires you to take this commitment with us. Keep on the lookout for the entire series. Step 1, coming soon!


Whit + Mariel