Comfort Foods For The Winter

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Heat up this winter with our favorite spicy tortilla soup. Not only is it a party favorite but it’s delicious and nutritious. Thanks to Whit's mama for the family recipe!



1 x rotisserie chicken

1 x bag of frozen corn

3 x cans of diced roasted tomatoes

3 x cans of rotel

3 x cans of black beans

3 x cans of kidney beans 

2 x packets of spicy or hot taco seasoning

2 x boxes of chicken broth

1 x diced onion


Toppings for soup:

1 x advacado

1 x sour cream

1 x bag of shredded cheese

1 x bag of tortilla chips

*add everything into a large pot. Cook on medium to high heat and serve! :)



Whit + Mariel