More than just Best Friends....

"She's the David to my Jonathan"

For the ones who need to hear this, I hope it hits home. Mariel and I are spiritual partners; prayer warriors! We believe whole heartily God brought us together for a bigger purpose. We like to refer to us as Jonathan and David in biblical terms. Mariel is Jonathan and Whitney is David.

The bible talks about how David was wild and made tons of mistakes. It also talks about David as being the one after 'God’s own heart.' You see, David was quick to repent, regardless of the mistakes he made.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was extremely wise. He had the the knowledge and David had the guts. So put these two together, and God took them further faster. All through His will.

These two were good men. They were men of God! But, they were much better together. They were a force! They did good on their own, but when God brought them together, He used them for a much greater purpose. They truly complimented each other!

Remember the famous book in the bible where David defeated Goliath? David was the LEAST qualified to take on the giant. However, God doesn’t call the qualified. God calls the unqualified and QUALIFIES them!

So to the ones reading this right now…. You need to know that God has a GREATER purpose for you. He has a David or a Jonathan waiting for you. He has something so spectacular up his sleeve, you wouldn’t believe it if he showed you. All you have to do is put FAITH towards God. Believe that He is the God Almighty! Trust in Him! His way is ALWAYS better than our own. Let go of whatever it is that’s bringing you down.

Open your eyes. You have ONE life to live. Life is SO short and YOU have the power to change lives. You have the power to leave people better than you found them. All through Jesus Christ!

God changed our lives in INCREDIBLE ways.. and He will do the same for you. 

Have a little Faith! 

Thank you Jesus. We love you guys.


Whit + Mariel