Decorating 101: Halloween Table

How to: Create a Spooky Halloween Table


I love decorating for holidays and Halloween is one of my favorites to decorate. It took me a lot of trips to the store, returning/exchanging, and playing trial and error to get my table right so here are a few tips I have for decorating!

Decorating for a tabletop:

  1. Usually, the more on the table the better. One mistake I kept making is that I wouldn’t buy enough and it just looked bare. Its better to over buy and return what you don’t need but chances are you will use it.

  2. For the plate setting, do all 4 - The placemat, service plate, dinner plate and salad plate or bowl.

  3. Have a focal point. Mine is usually the tallest item on my table.

  4. You need different levels to give dimension. So if your focal point is the center of the table you should add things that are shorter and smaller in size. See my table for a better description

  5. Must have a table runner. Sometimes I use two

  6. Pick a color scheme. Usually, stay between 3-4 colors that go together

  7. Start with what you like and stick to the theme. The biggest “no no” is getting multiple themes within one table

Candle holders and silver cups that always stay on my table

Candle holders and silver cups that always stay on my table

Here is a photo of my table for Halloween. Everything you see is from Home Goods, Pier One and Hobby Lobby. I will say that Hobby Lobby has 40% off right now and Home Goods always has the best deals.

One thing I keep on my table year around are two clear and silver candle holders. I also keep the same silver wine glasses on the table as well. This helps so you don’t have to buy brand new items each time for your table.


As you can see I did two table runners just to give it a little more dimension. 

I did a variation of skulls and pumpkins. I stayed with the colors white, black and silver. To add a pop of bling, I added in some glittery pumpkins.


Happy decorating!